Do You Know What To Do After A Car Accident

Do You Know What To Do After A Car Accident

Getting into an accident, you soon gain a new appreciation for your car insurance policy. After all, it’s in these situations when your policy really comes in handy. You won’t be held responsible out of pocket for repairing your car, and you won’t be held liable for damages to others in the accident either. Your car insurance provider steps in and handles all necessary damages, as long as they are covered under your policy, and you’re able to get back on the road as quickly as possible.


However, even knowing that your insurance provider is in your corner, many aren’t sure what to do after an accident has occurred. It’s understandable, accidents are notoriously stressful situations, and your mind is going to be racing a mile a minute in those crucial moments afterward.


What To Do If An Accident Occurs


Preparing ahead of time will help you to keep a clear head if you’re in an accident, and the best way to prepare ahead of time is to learn what to do when an accident occurs before this information ever becomes relevant to your life. The steps to take after an accident has occurred are:


  • Check yourself and your passengers for injuries – Some accidents cause no injury, some cause bumps, scrapes, and bruises, and some cause devastating injuries. The very first thing you should do if you’re in an accident is to check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Even if you don’t suspect injuries, it may be helpful to be checked by paramedics and hospital professionals just in case. In some instances, soft tissue injuries can be temporarily hidden by a rush of adrenaline, and getting checked over by medical professionals immediately following an accident can help your insurance company to provide the help you need.


  • Get to safety and call 911 – A police report gives a clear picture of the accident to your insurance provider. After an accident occurs, first get to a safe space off of the road and call 911 to get police and emergency personnel to your location.


  • Document the accident – It’s important to get as much information as possible as quickly as possible after an accident has occurred. While waiting for the authorities to arrive at the scene, take photos of the accident scene, the damage to your vehicle, any injuries that may have been sustained, and collect any witness information that may be required later. The more evidence you collect, the clearer a picture you’re able to paint for your insurance provider.


There When You Need It


After an accident, your mind is likely racing. You’re wondering how this occurred, how this is going to disrupt your life, and if any injuries you’ve sustained are going to have a long road to recovery. Your insurance provider is there when you need them, giving you peace of mind that things will turn out okay. If you’re looking for peace of mind on the road, contact us at Panorama today.

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