Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drive Around Without Auto Insurance

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drive Around Without Auto Insurance

Many people enjoy vehicle ownership. With cars in their garages and driveways, the individuals can go wherever they want, whenever they want. However, before heading out and about, motorists need to make sure that they are insured. If they fail to do so, various consequences could be in their futures. Several of those outcomes will be discussed right here.

So, do yourself a favor. If you don't have automotive insurance, get it as per your state's insurance requirements. Then, with any luck, you will be able to avoid issues such as these.

Tickets And Fees

In most places, if a police officer pulls someone over and cannot verify that he or she has insurance, the cop will write them a ticket. Such notices typically include fines. The amounts vary from one location to the next in the United States. For instance, in California, the penalties usually run somewhere in the neighborhood of between $360 and $720. Meanwhile, Texas motorists caught driving without insurance may have to pay between $925 and $1,750.

Plenty of folks live paycheck to paycheck these days, and they can't afford these kinds of fines. Therefore, if they are going to drive, they should purchase liability or full coverage insurance. If nothing else, the action can save them some money should they happen ever to get pulled over. 

License Suspension Is A Possibility

In lots of cases, drivers get their licenses suspended when they fail to produce proof of insurance. That is the last punishment any motorist wants to receive, as it will leave them having to rely on Uber and Lyft to get around. Then again, depending on where the individual lives, buses, taxis, subways, or trains could factor into the equation as well. Operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license can lead to fines, jail time, and even civil penalties.

Hence, once again, as anyone can clearly see, the pros of having auto insurance far outweigh the cons. It is not challenging to get a quote today, and there are loads of affordable options on the market. So, get your policy and keep license suspension at bay. In turn, you will be able to drive yourself to and from work, school, stores, and more, legally, with no worries, at least from an insurance standpoint, on your mind. 

Don't Forget About Vehicle Impoundment

Sometimes, no insurance equals vehicle impoundment. Like with the other penalties discussed here, it depends on which state the motorist is pulled over in. To get the car out of impound, the owner will have to present proof of insurance to the lot. Not to mention, he or she will need to pay fines and fees too. By all means, if you don't mind dealing with such dilemmas and financial hardships, drive around without insurance. However, for everyone who doesn't want these problems, buy top-notch auto coverage, and prevent the situations from ever having a chance to arise.

Do you need an auto insurance policy? If so, please don't hesitate to give Panorama a call. 

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