How Do I Make A Homeowners Insurance Claim

How Do I Make A Homeowners Insurance Claim

You’re not able to make the most of your homeowners’ insurance policy if you’re not quite sure how to file a claim. Many homeowners have their insurance policy, but they don’t really learn about that policy until the time comes that they really need to use it. It’s important to remember that the situations that will cause you to call on your homeowners’ insurance policy are stressful ones, and you may not be thinking clearly when you’re trying to learn how to file a claim. The best way to ensure you make the most of your homeowners’ insurance policy is to learn just how to make the most of it first.


A claim against your homeowners’ insurance policy, and how you go about making that claim, will depend on your policy and the agreement you have with your insurance provider. Different providers will have different specific processes and procedures when it breaks down to the specifics. Make sure to read your policy and to learn any rules or procedures your insurance provider may have in place.


Rules That Remain The Same Across The Board


For the vast majority of insurance providers, there are a few rules and procedures that remain the same across the board. These are things that you should do before, during, or after making your claim, and these are:


  • Report the crime to the police first – If you come home to find your space burglarized, the very first call you should make is to the police. Get a police report, all names of any participating officers, and any specific details you can collect. When you call your homeowner's insurance provider, later on, make sure to have these details on hand.


  • Call your insurance provider – After finishing with the police, call your insurance provider straight away with any and all details you may have regarding any incident. Whether it’s a burglary, a fire, an accident, your next communication should be with your insurance company.


  • Fill out your claim forms – Depending on the situation at hand, you may have different claim forms you’ll need to fill out. These will be sent to you, by law, within a specific time period after placing your call and they should be returned promptly after being filled out to the best of your ability.


  • Prepare for the adjuster's visit – An insurance adjuster will make a visit to your home to survey the damage for your claim. Make a list of damaged or missing items, as well as any relevant information you may need to provide evidence for your claim.



Keeping Your Home Protected


It’s important to keep your home protected, and one way to do this is to know just what your homeowner's insurance is all about. If you’re interested in learning more about using your homeowner's insurance policy, you’re certainly not alone. Call us at Panorama to learn more about making claims and getting the right homeowner's insurance policy for you, your family, and your home.

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