Protecting Yourself Against Property Liability

Protecting Yourself Against Property Liability

For owners of any type of property, protecting yourself against liability is important. Homeowners insurance helps to protect homeowners against property liability, by covering damages should an individual suffer an injury on your property. Without homeowners insurance, one would be responsible for covering any damages out of pocket; a cost that can go into the tens of thousands of dollars very quickly. One accident on your property that results in a non-life threatening concussion or broken limb can be enough to set you back months or worse.


While homeowners insurance will protect you against the damages incurred by an accident on your property, there are other things property owners can do to protect themselves from liability.


How You Can Protect Yourself


The best way to protect yourself from property liability is to avoid these accidents in the first place. While not all accidents may be able to be avoided, taking care to make sure your actions aren’t negligent can ensure you won’t be at fault for any accidents that may occur. Ways to protect yourself from accidents occurring on your property are:


  • Identify and secure any hazardous areas – In some instances, hazardous areas may exist on a property. They could be obvious, like a well, or they may be something as seemingly innocuous as a swimming pool. The three most common hazardous areas on any property are swimming pools, staircases, and uneven walkways. If you have these areas on your property, make sure to identify and secure these sites to avoid accidents from occurring.


  • Keep your walkways clear – Even straight, even, and well-paved walkways can be hazardous in the right conditions. If it has snowed recently, if the weather has been icy, or if a wind storm has blown debris onto your walkway, it’s important to clear these areas to return them to their safe state once again. Snow should be shoveled, ice should be salted, and any debris removed to take away potential tripping hazards.


  • Secure your stairs – Even if your stairway is only made up of a few steps, it’s important to keep these safe and secure. Installing handrails and clearing the stairs of any debris or slippery regions ensures you’re lessening the chance of an accident happening at all. Installing slip-resistant surfaces on stairs and making sure stairs are even gives you a safer property.


  • Install proper lighting – Proper lighting can also work to create a safer property. If your area is too dark at night to see, visitors can experience a slip and fall when they’re least expecting it. Installing proper lighting makes sure that any potential hazards are seen and seen clearly.


A Safer And Happier Property


A safe property is a happy property, and while homeowners insurance is here to help if any accidents do occur, the best method is prevention. If you’re interested in learning more about property liability and how homeowners insurance can help to keep you protected, contact our professionals at Panorama for more information today.

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