3 Common Causes Of Auto Accidents

3 Common Causes Of Auto Accidents

Do you have auto insurance on your vehicle? If so, good for you. You are covered in the event that a crash occurs. You are also safe from the consequences of getting pulled over without coverage. Those that are driving around without policies should consider getting them quickly. If they do not, they could get issued fines and have their licenses suspended. No coverage can also lead to their cars getting towed. Then, they will have to pay to get it off the impound lot.

Additionally, if people get into accidents without insurance, they might have to pay for damages out of pocket. That would be a huge bummer. So, do yourself a favor and obtain a policy before getting behind the wheel of your car. Don't wait until it is too late and you get pulled over or involved in an accident. We have been helping California motorists get insured since 1973 and will be more than happy to do the same for you.

This post will now focus on three common causes of crashes. Hence, if drivers are doing these activities now, it might be time for a change. If they don't switch things up, wrecks and insurance claims could be in their futures, making premiums jump.


Distracted Driving

One of the biggest distractions for people, whether they are driving or not, is their cell phone. However, when drivers use the devices while operating motor vehicles, things can turn dangerous. Texting takes a driver's eyes off the road. It also takes at least one of their hands off the steering wheel. Meanwhile, motorists talking on phones can get lost in conversations and pay more attention to them than they should.

Calls and texts can wait. They cannot possibly be important enough to warrant injuring yourself or others on the roadways. Nor are they critical enough to justify killing someone in an accident. Those that must take calls or answer texts should pull over to a safe location and park before doing so.



Everyone always seems to be in such a hurry these days. They go above posted speedson freeways, side-streets, and even through parking lots. Going too fast in any setting can lead to crashes. Speed limits are posted to keep everyone sharing the roadways safe. Yet, drivers put the pedal to the metal at every chance they get. Motorists that do not wish to strike other pedestrians, cars, motorcyclists, or bicyclists should keep their eye on the ball by obeying speed limit signs.


Drinking And Driving

Lots of folks enjoy taking nights out on the town and getting their drink on. They consume alcoholic beverages, dance, and sing karaoke. However, some people then get in their vehicles and drive home, which is a big no-no. Alcohol impacts their judgment, and once again, can cause accidents. There are too many rideshare companies out there today for drivers to be taking chances.

The next time you are out drinking, call one and return for your car in the morning after the buzz has worn off. Are you looking for auto insurance? If so, please, don't hesitate to contact Panorama.

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