Contractors, Protect Your Livelihoods With Builders' Risk Insurance

Contractors, Protect Your Livelihoods With Builders' Risk Insurance

Many people probably have no earthly idea about what builders' risk insurance is or what it does. Contractors and workers in the building industry know all about it, though. These policies are designed to cover structures being built or remodeled. Some plans only include the buildings. However, people can sometimes purchase additional coverages that take care of tools and materials left on-site.

Not all builders' risk policies are created equal. Thus, contractors must put forth the effort to make sure they obtain the right ones. It is never a good idea to go with no insurance and leave things to chance when constructing a building. If a disaster strikes, the builder could have to pay for stolen tools and materials out-of-pocket. Heck, they might even find themselves financially responsible for damages that structures sustain.

Luckily, people have come to the right place if they are in the market for builders' risk insurance. Panorama has been helping Californians with all of their insurance needs since 1973, and we will gladly do the same for you. Please, don't delay any longer. Friendly, trustworthy, and professional assistance is only a phone call away. The following sections will focus on several items covered by builders' risk insurance. Therefore, curious individuals should read ahead to learn more.


  1. Theft

    It is not uncommon for builders to leave equipment, tools, materials, and more on job sites. After all, they will be used day in and day out throughout the construction process, and most people do not want to load and unload them daily. Of course, most contractors take precautions. They put individual locks on particular pieces and put everything behind locked gates. Still, though, those measures aren't always enough to keep thieves at bay. If there is a ton of money to be made, crooks don't mind doing extra work to steal things.

    Companies have to watch their bottom lines in the modern world. Having to replace stolen parts, machinery, and tools can put them in the red in a hurry. Make sure thieves don't wreak havoc on your budget with builders' risk insurance.


  1. Lightning

    Imagine for a moment if you will. You return to the building you have been constructing for months and months one morning, only to find it engulfed in flames. As a storm rolled through the night before, a lightning strike hit the structure and started a fire. Once the fire department extinguishes all of the flames, it is clear that the build is a total loss, and the project has to be restarted from the ground up. Experiencing those kinds of costs can put a contractor out of business. Avoid such catastrophes with builders' risk insurance, as it covers lightning.


  1. Vandalism

    For some reason, vandals seem to be drawn to construction sites. They smash windows, kick doors down, beat up vehicles, and do whatever else they want to do while nobody is around. Paying for the damages can make a contractor run through their savings in the blink of an eye. Vandalism is covered by builders' risk insurance, though. So, what are you waiting for? Gain peace of mind by buying your policy today.


Are you in the market for a builder’s risk insurance policy? If so, don’t hesitate to give Panorama a call.

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