How To Address Business Looting And Vandalism

How To Address Business Looting And Vandalism

We are currently experiencing tumultuous times throughout the United States with the COVID-19 pandemic and extended periods of unrest. For businesses that may need to shut down temporarily due to the pandemic, one of the biggest concerns their owners have has to do with the safety of their building while they are away. Commercial insurance helps save a business when looting or vandalism strikes and gives entrepreneurs throughout the United States peace of mind.


What To Do If Your Business Has Been Vandalized

If this happens to you, knowing what to do is important so that your business remains secure. Here are the steps to take if your business becomes a target for looting or vandalism:


  1. See To It That Your Employees Are Safe – In a worst-case scenario, the looting or vandalism happens during business hours. Should this occur, first make sure that your staff members have not been harmed in any way. While property can be easily replaced or repaired, your employees are your most importantasset, and you cannot put a price on their lives either.


  1. Report The Incident To The Authorities – After determining that your entire staff is safe and sound, it is time to call the authorities. This will get a report started, which will be necessary when you make your commercial business insurance claim.


Once you have reached the authorities, make sure to take note of the contact information of any law enforcement officer or other staff you speak with. You may need it to follow up with your case later on. Your insurance provider may require it as well.


  1. Call Your Commercial Business Insurance Provider – Call your commercial business insurance provider after notifying the authorities. This is where your claim for damages begins, and your insurance representative should walk you through the process. During any phone calls or in-person visits, make sure to have all of your information on hand to provide to your insurance provider.


  1. Take Plenty Of Photographic Evidence – You will need to clean your business up, but before doing that, take plenty of photos and videos. This will serve as evidence to your insurance provider of the extent of the damages, what you need to replace with your claim, and how the situation occurred in the first place. During this time, make a list of any damaged or stolen goods as well.

  1. Clean Up – Once you have enough photos, you can begin cleaning up and making any simple or temporary repairs. This helps protect your property from further damage until your insurance claim comes through. During the cleanup, take care to avoid any broken glass or other hazards on your property.


Insuring Your Business

It is now more important than ever to have commercial business insurance that will keep your enterprise safe. If you are looking for a policy to cover your business, our representatives are here to help. Call Panorama Insurance Agency today to learn more about the solutions we offer and the businesses we protect.

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