Protect Your Way Of Life With General Liability Insurance

Protect Your Way Of Life With General Liability Insurance

Proprietors who are just starting out have a lot of stuff on their plates. They must find a business location and hire team members to run things. Business owners also need to advertise or find customers/clients in other ways. These individuals have to buy materials and goods to keep in stock. The never-ending list goes on and on. It is easy to see how a few things might slip their minds. However, when it comes to commercial insurance, the boss should make it a point to remember to buy a policy.


Failing to get a plan could turn into a nightmare quickly. General liability insurance provides organizations with protection against lawsuits and other litigation. Not all of these policies are created equal. Therefore, those that need them should research insurers and learn what the plans cover. People with excellent insurance usually get coverage for litigation, court settlements, legal defense fees, and more. It also takes care of injury damages, lawsuits, investigations, and copyright claim. 

This page will now discuss three incidents that could happen on your property. When they do, claims may get filed against your general liability insurance. Without any coverage at all, who knows, bankruptcy might be in your future. So, be sure to dot your I's and cross your T's by getting the top-notch policy you deserve. That way, you won't get stuck paying out of pocket for injuries and damages. Now, let's look at some examples of mishaps that could leave someone suing you.


A Slip And Fall Accident

Does your store carry liquid products? It really doesn't matter what kind; it could be soft drinks, milk, or even motor oil. The point is that if these products are on shelves, one of them could burst and cover the floor. An unsuspecting person might come strolling down the aisle and not see the mess. They slip in the substance, hit their face on a shelf, and break their arm while falling to the ground. Slip, trip, and fall accidents are no jokes, and they happen way more often than one might believe.


A Forklift And A Customer's Car

Let's say that your organization uses forklifts. Employees drive them around to stock shelves and carry heavy pallets from point A to point B. On one occasion, a driver has to move a pallet outside. As they are rolling through the parking lot, they lose their grip on the steering wheel. The machine swerves hard to the right, crashes into the side of a customer's car, and the pallet of dog food lands on its top. Dents and dings are everywhere, to the point where the person may be off with a new vehicle. This is another scenario where it pays to have general liability insurance.


A Falling Sign Causes A Traumatic Brain Injury

Does your business have indoor and outdoor advertising signs? Probably, because people have to know where to find you. If the bolts holding a heavy sign loosen up over time, it will come unmounted and go straight for the ground. Along the way, the piece could strike a person in the head, knock them unconscious, and make their head bounce off the floor hard. It is easy to see how this might lead to a traumatic brain injury. Cover all your bases and get general liability insurance to take care of issues like these. Give Panorama a call to obtain your quote today.

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