What To Know About Church Insurance

What To Know About Church Insurance

Churches are more than just houses of worship. They’re places where members of the community gather, building their own second family they look forward to seeing week after week. Churches around the United States participate in community events, they assist the needy, and they provide a place of refuge for those who need it the most. Churches are important in many communities, and it’s important to keep these places safe and protected in the event the worst occurs.

Like home insurance, restaurant insurance, car insurance, or any other type of insurance protecting a particular investment, church insurance is simply a good idea. With church insurance, communities won’t need to be without their sacred space in the event of a fire, a natural disaster, vandalism, or any other instance. Church insurance covers churches of all denominations, all sizes, and in all areas to ensure that these houses of worship are protected for all who need and love them.


What Does Church Insurance Cover?


Church insurance policies provide full protection, covering a vast array of different circumstances that may befall a local church property. Some of the scenarios covered by church insurance include:


  • Church fires – Church fires cause millions of dollars in damages throughout the United States each and every year. These damages only account for the direct damages to the church, not loss of fundraising events, or other cancellations caused by fire as well. Church insurance covers church fires to ensure your house of worship can get back up and running again as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


  • Injuries – With so many coming and going from the church property throughout the years, injuries will likely occur from time to time. A child slips and hits their head on a table, a churchgoer trips going up or down the stairs, or someone rolls an ankle and winds up with a sprain, these are all common situations that fall under the injury umbrella. Church insurance covers these damages to allow members of the church to get the care they need.


  • Burglary and theft – Unfortunately, churches are something of a target when it comes to acts of burglary, theft, or vandalism. When a church is broken into or vandalized, church insurance covers the damages to get the church cleaned up or replace any stolen property. This gives church goers and communities peace of mind that church property is kept covered and safe.


The Right Policy To Cover Your House Of Worship


Church insurance is a type of commercial insurance that isn’t just valuable to churches, but to entire communities. The right church insurance policy can help to keep your church protected no matter what may befall it, getting it up and running again for all of the local community members who rely on or look forward to its services. If you’re in need of a commercial insurance policy to cover your church, speak to one of our insurance professionals to see if we have the right church insurance policy for you at Panorama.



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