How to Avoid These Common Holiday Disasters

How to Avoid These Common Holiday Disasters

The holidays are upon us, and we are scrambling to get ready while trying to remain holly, jolly, and cheerful. Well, our preparation for the holidays shouldn't stop with the gifts, the holiday plans, or the dinner menu.

It should also include safety and how to handle certain accidents and mishaps that can happen during this time of the year.

Today we will talk about how to avoid these common holiday disasters to help ensure a safe and fruitful holiday season.

Roasting Chestnuts and Other Fire Hazards

If you have been craving roasted chestnuts by the fireplace, then, by all means, go for it. However, take the precautions needed to avoid a holiday fire disaster.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, many household fires around the holidays result from Christmas trees, holiday décor, candles, cooking, and chimneys.

While many homeowner's insurance policies will cover these damages, the best thing to do is find ways to prevent these holiday disasters from happening in the first place. If you have a real tree, make sure it is adequately watered.

Keep candles away from any drapery and other flammable materials, make sure the chimney is cleaned and clear and don't use defective or damaged lights.

Not So Jolly Backups

Plumbing and sewer issues are also a possibility around the holidays. Maybe you are pouring too much grease down the drain, or it is just bad timing for a water or sewer backup.

Sewer backups are typically covered in your homeowner's insurance policy, but again, you want to do what you can to avoid having to file a claim in the first place.

To avoid sewer backups this holiday season, avoid throwing anything down the drain that shouldn't be there. If you have grease, allow it to turn to a solid and then scrape it into the trash can. Leftovers, rinds, and other food debris should also be kept out of the drain.

Holiday Injuries

Bringing the decorations down from the attic, hanging up the Christmas lights, or burning yourself while making Christmas dinner are all little disasters that can lead to injury in the home as well.

Even if your guest were to trip over a ball of lights or injure themselves in some other way in your home, you could be liable for those injuries because it was on your property.

Did you know the average ambulance ride can cost as much as $1200 plus mileage? While your homeowner's insurance policy may cover these expenses for your guest injured on your property, the goal here is to spot potential problems early on.

Ensure all rugs are secure, there is no clutter littering the walkways, and if someone helps you hang your lights, make sure they know what they are doing and can use a ladder properly to help avoid accidental injury.

Have you reviewed your homeowner's insurance policy lately? Do you know what is and isn't covered?

If you need to learn more about your policy or you need more coverage, don't hesitate to contact the experts at Panorama to help you secure the best homeowner's insurance coverage for the New Year.

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