Keep Home Burglaries At Bay With These Suggestions

Keep Home Burglaries At Bay With These Suggestions

Home burglaries happen all too often in the United States. Thieves break into peoples' houses to steal electronics, paintings, and jewelry. They also target cash, guns, and sculptures. The bottom line is that these trespassers take anything they think they can make a buck off. Property owners purchase home insurance to protect themselves against these incidents.

If their things get up and walk away during burglaries, policyholders can file claims with insurers to cover their losses. They might owe deductibles, which need to be paid before companies cut checks, but that is much better than paying out of pocket to replace belongings. Just because people have insurance, that doesn't mean they want to have to use it.

If you happen to be one of them, then you have come to the right place. We will focus on three suggestions to help homeowners keep burglaries at bay in the following sections. So, please, stick around and read on to learn more.


Break Boxes Down And Don't Set Them By The Curb

It only fits that we discuss boxes because Christmas is only about a week away. Families will soon be gathered around their trees and opening presents. Afterward, they have to get rid of the trash to prevent it from cluttering their houses. That leads to packages getting set by the curb for trash pickup. Instead of going that route, people may want to break the boxes down and place them inside trash cans.

When the units are left intact and out for everyone to see, criminals can spot them and target homes. They may slip inside during the day through an unlocked door or window and take everything but the kitchen sink. Take action after Christmas and don't make life easy on burglars by getting rid of boxes covertly.


Install Security Cameras

Most burglars don't wish to work hard, breaking into homes. Rather, they want things to be simple and often avoid difficult jobs. Thus, people that want to prevent home burglaries should consider investing in security cameras. Studies have been conducted with former career thieves who said the devices were deterrents. They were less inclined to break into places when cams were present, and who can blame them?

Doing so could result in their faces getting captured on video and lead to their arrests. The last thing trespassers want is to get caught in the act and have to spend time behind bars. Install security cameras on your property, and with any luck, you won't have to worry about thieves.


Stop Your Mail When Going On Trips

Some folks are staying home this holiday season because of COVID-19. However, others are traveling and going to be with loved ones. To each their own, but those heading out of town should remember to contact the post office about holding their mail. Thieves view full mailboxes are sure-fire signs of empty houses and then target them. Contact Panorama for a home insurance quote today.  

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