Put Together A Fall Checklist To Save You From Making Homeowners Insurance Claims

Put Together A Fall Checklist To Save You From Making Homeowners Insurance Claims

Each season comes along with specific homeowners' insurance claims typically found most in that particular season. You’re not going to see hurricane-related claims in April, and you’re far less likely to see tornado related claims in December. With the fall season upon us, it’s time to look at those fall related claims so you know just what to look out for as this season goes on. Checking on various parts of your home can help you to catch small issues early, so that you may not be included in these fall related homeowners insurance claims this year.

It’s never too late to opt for homeowners' insurance if you don’t have it, and it’s never too late to prepare for any claims that may come up if you do. Taking a good look at the potential for disaster in autumn allows you to better avoid these disasters in the first place.


Creating Your Checklist


Creating a checklist is the best way to make sure you’ve covered all your bases in your home. During the fall season, the most important pieces to include in your checklist are:


  • Check your heating systems – While you might not be turning on the heat in September or even October, you’ll likely be reaching for that thermostat by November and December. Before ever turning it on, make sure to check your heating systems to ensure everything is working properly and you’re not facing a hazard lying in wait. Clear any belongings away from your furnace, hot water heater, electrical box, or any other heating element you may have, and do a once-over to make sure nothing looks out of place to the naked eye. Always call in a professional to inspect and maintain the system before you turn it on for the first time each year.


  • Check your gutters – Your gutters might be “out of sight and out of mind”, but ignoring them could cause serious damage to your home. During the fall, leaves and debris will be falling down all around your home, and some of that debris can find its way into your gutter systems. When gutters are clogged, pooling will occur around your home causing widespread water damage.


  • Have your roof inspected – The fall and winter seasons can really wreak havoc on your roof, and these seasons are coming off of the end of yet another hot summer season. The heat can cause roofing system breakdown, and the debris of fall and winter can lead to added stress on an already weakened structure. Have professionals come out to inspect your roof before you face a full roofing system failure.


Covering Your Home


Whether it’s the fall, the winter, the spring, or the summer, the right homeowners' insurance provider will be here for you. If you’re looking for a homeowners' insurance provider that will keep your home protected all throughout the year, contact us at Panorama to learn more about what we offer today.

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