The Most Common Causes Of Homeowners Insurance Claims In Winter

The Most Common Causes Of Homeowners Insurance Claims In Winter

There is something distinctly magical about winter weather, but there’s also some danger in it as well. Those sparkling icy trees might look enchanting when lit up by the sun, but that enchantment quickly goes away when one of those branches breaks off and lands right on your roof. The winter season is a busy one for homeowners insurance providers, with homeowners all across the country making claims for various winter season specific damages. Knowing what to look out for this winter can help to better ensure one of those calls isn’t yours.

There is no wrong time to insure your home, and if it isn’t insured already before the winter season begins is the perfect time to consider a homeowner’s policy. With the right policy on your side, you’re prepared should the worst occur on your property.


3 Common Causes Of Winter Claims


There are a number of common winter claims made to homeowners’ insurance providers all across the country. The top 3 most common are:


  1. Fallen tree branches – A fallen tree branch that takes off your gutter, that damages your roof, or that breaks a window is a very common occurrence during the winter season. When weakened branches are covered in ice and snow, or a particularly stiff wind blows during a winter storm, these branches are going to break and they’ll need to fall somewhere. When the trees grow close to your home, this usually means making contact with your structure. To avoid this, have trees inspected and trimmed during fall to avoid any winter breakage.


  1. Burst pipes – It’s important to keep the home temperate at around 65 degrees or higher all throughout the winter season, but sometimes heating systems do fail. During power outages, while away on a trip, or if your HVAC system fails, you can be at risk of a burst pipe at any moment. To avoid this, have your HVAC system maintained regularly, have a friend or loved one check up on your home while you’re away, and have a backup generator ready in case the power does go out. Keeping your pipes warm will ensure they aren’t like to freeze and burst.


  1. House fires – The winter season is the single most common season for house fire claims. Holiday lights, candles left lit, and poorly serviced chimneys or heating systems are the most likely culprits. House fires can be devastating, dangerous, and deadly, and they can be avoided by making sure candles aren’t left unattended, holiday lights are turned off, and HVAC systems are well-maintained.


Keeping Your Home Insured Throughout The Winter Season


Whether it’s winter storms you’re worried about, or hurricane season is approaching in late summer, it’s important to keep your home protected all throughout the year. Finding the right homeowners' insurance provider gives you that peace of mind you need to know your biggest investment remains protected. If you’re looking for a policy to protect your home, contact us at Panorama today.

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