Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

These days, the USA, like the rest of the world, is mostly focused on the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Unfortunately, while that’s the primary threat the world as a whole is facing right now, it’s not the only one. Many of the traditional risks and catastrophes we live with as Americans are still in play, including the threat of flooding.

Floods can occur all over the USA and are monitored continuously. As with other major environmental events such as earthquakes, or tornados, there is very little modern science can do to prevent these phenomena, and few measures to protect properties from being damaged by them. This is one of the reasons why flood insurance can be so important.

Not A Given

Many homeowners assume that by getting home insurance, everything is taken care of. Home insurance is indeed designed to address many environmental accidents, including “acts of God,” such as tornados damaging homes through a stray object in the air or even broken windows and roofs as a result of unusually large hailstones in a storm.

However, that doesn’t mean every natural disaster is covered. Flooding, for example, despite being a comparatively common natural disaster, is not covered under most home insurance policies. In fact, because of its common nature in some parts of America, it is treated as an entirely separate category, meaning you need specific insurance for flooding to receive peace of mind and financial protection.

What Is The Danger?

Floods can be devastating to a home. With a massive volume of water running down a street in a typical flood, no home is safe. Basements, ground floors, and even second floors can be “drowned” if the water volume is great enough. Many homeowners assume that the greatest threat from this is water damage and mistakenly believe that just drying things out will restore everything to normal.

The reality is, flood damage is more than just about wet carpets. Electronics are permanently damaged, including electrical wiring in a home. Water damage to drywall means it is no longer functional and will need to be replaced. Perhaps most dangerous of all, a flooded home is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, which leaves the area unsafe for human habitation.

Who Should Get It?

Anyone living in an area with a history of flooding should consider flood insurance. In some cases, such as states with a reputation for flooding, such as some parts of Florida, it may not be possible to buy a home without investing in flood insurance if the area is a known, legally designated flood risk.

However, even people who don’t live in southern states with hurricanes should consider flood insurance. Lakes and rivers can flood, and even sewage systems can become overwhelmed and back up sewage water into toilets, resulting in dangerous, flooded homes.

If you’re interested in more peace of mind with flood insurance for your home, we can help. Contact Panorama Insurance Agency. Let us look at the different options you have for financially protecting your home if you are victimized by flooding.

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