People Who Get Into These Kinds Of Crashes Will Be Happy They Have Auto Insurance

People Who Get Into These Kinds Of Crashes Will Be Happy They Have Auto Insurance

Some people choose to drive around without auto insurance, but they really shouldn't. Heck, for that matter, lots of folks get behind steering wheels without licenses, but that is a topic for another time. There is no telling when an accident will happen, or what kind it will be. Hence, it is best to pay your premiums on time and avoid a lapse in coverage. Sure, sometimes it may feel as if you are paying for something that never gets used, but the policies come in handy when disasters strike.

Suppose you have the bare minimum coverage and cause an accident. In that case, the insurance will cover the damages to the other person's vehicle and any injuries that they or their passengers sustain. However, loads of drivers elect to go with what is usually referred to as "Full Coverage" insurance to make sure their own damages and injuries are covered too.

Whatever you do, don't drive without auto insurance and leave things in the hands of fate. Doing so will leave you responsible for damages and injuries out of pocket, and who can afford that these days? Give us a call to get your quote today. We have numerous insurance products available at affordable rates. Now that all of that good stuff is out of the way let's focus on three particular types of accidents that can occur on the roadways.


Pedestrian Crashes

Car versus pedestrian accidents occur quite often in the United States. Unfortunately, the outcome for the walker, jogger, or runner isn't usually good. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,977 pedestrians were killed by traffic crashes in the US in 2017. The situations are absolutely horrible for everyone involved. The motorist will be glad they have a high-quality insurance policy if they are engaged in one of these events, though.  The insurer will cover the losses up to the policy's limits.


Commercial Truck/Car Accidents

Commercial trucks are bigger than passenger vehicles, and they also weight more. When they collide with standard cars, trucks, or SUVs, the scenes usually aren't all that pretty. Some people die in the crashes, while others sustain severe injuries such as broken bones, brain damage, and paralysis. If the driver of a passenger vehicle is at fault, the trucking company won't pay for their wounds. Instead, the person will be responsible for their recovery bills and any damages the truck or truck driver incurred. Avoid such headaches by purchasing the perfect auto insurance policy from the get-go.


Auto Accidents

Of course, car versus car accidents had to be included on this list. They are the ones people are plagued by the most. Like the other crashes discussed here, these can be just as deadly and cause severe injuries. Having no insurance could land you in a heap of trouble when an incident arises. You might receive fines or citations, or your license may even get suspended. Plus, you better get ready to empty your savings to pay for damages and injuries. So, do yourself a favor and never ride around without adequate coverage.

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