The 4 Best Ways To Pay Less For Auto Insurance

The 4 Best Ways To Pay Less For Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required if you own a vehicle and drive it regularly in any state in America.  It’s an expense you have to live with if you want to own or lease a car, but the amount it costs can be very different depending on your age, your car, your driving history, your auto loan agreement, and the insurance company you get your policy from.  Fortunately, there are several reliable ways you can make your monthly premiums go down.


Drive Safely


Safe drivers are much, much less likely to get into accidents than reckless drivers.  Staying aware and driving defensively can help you avoid risky situations, and insurance companies love drivers who can avoid accidents.  If you can prove that you’re not a risk with a clean driving record, defensive driving lessons, or a monitor in your car that records your driving habits, you can get one or several discounts on your premiums.


Take Advantage Of Your Status


Some types of drivers can get access to exclusive discounts.  For instance, young drivers always have to pay more for insurance, but you can cut down that expense by earning a B average or better at school and passing that information on to the insurer.  Parents can also pay less for their kids if they show that their covered children are away at college and not driving actively.  Some professionals can get discounts through their employers or unions, and senior drivers can get discounts if they take a mature driver improvement course.


Choose The Right Policy


Policy discounts have nothing to do with your driving record or status and everything to do with where you get it, what you get it with, and how you pay for it.  Most auto insurance policies let you pay in lump sums rather than monthly installments, and if you do so you’ll get a good discount.  That goes double if you pay online and save everyone the hassle of extra paperwork.  You can also get discounts for loyalty and bundling your insurance with other auto coverage or a homeowner’s insurance policy.


Buy The Right Car


Insurance companies love cars with extra security and safety devices.  An anti-theft device like a vehicle tracker or a car alarm can save you money on comprehensive coverage (the policy that protects against theft).  You’ll also get discounts on medical coverage if your vehicle has important safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags, and daytime running lights.  These features are required in new cars so you probably won’t notice the discounts, but you’ll notice your medical coverage premium is surprisingly high when you buy an older vehicle.


Auto insurance only pays out if something happens, and in the meantime, you have to keep paying your premiums.  You can cut down your premiums and your chances of an accident at the same time with the right discounts, and you can also cut your costs by working with an insurance agent that knows your options.  That’s why many people choose to work with the Panorama Insurance Agency when it comes to buying insurance.

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